A recurring theme in my closet is androgyny. To be androgynous means to carry traits that are both masculine and feminine. I’ve always been interested in men’s fashion and love to incorporate masculine looks into my outfits, mixing in some feminine pieces as well, creating a more unique look.

Lately, many designers have been incorporating androgyny into their designs. One designer who has innovated androgynous style flawlessly is Jason Wu, specifically in his pre-fall 2016 collection. I noticed a lot of heavy material in preparation for the cold season and he played with the houndstooth pattern in a couple pieces in his collection. I personally love houndstooth because it brings a vintage and classy vibe to your outfits. Some people say houndstooth reminds them of their grandpas, but I personally dig it!

Playing with the whole theme of androgyny, I decided to incorporate a large coat, similar to the first look in Jason Wu’s collection. This is my statement piece for the entire look. With the length, heavy texture and leather sleeves, this coat will really lock in the warmth for me when the temperature drops.

I’m all about vintage. So I’ve chucked on my vintage jeans, which I cut holes into by hand. I’m quite petite and have a more feminine body, so the jeans are baggy on me, giving the impression of a boyfriend fit. Being petite shouldn’t stop anyone from wearing baggy clothes! It’s a look that’s really on trend at the moment and let’s face it, is way more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans.

To bring some feminine touches into my look, I’ve thrown on a pair of my favorite leather boots. What really makes these boots feminine and classy are the thin high heels. The pointed toe of the boots are really edgy and the black leather is really fitting for the cold weather, but the thin heels really make these boots stand out.

The mix of baggy jeans and high heels screams androgyny. It’s so much fun to mix up masculine and feminine looks, and it really helps me express my personality while also promoting the trend that anyone can wear anything. The reason why I love androgyny so much is that it really speaks that there should not be any rules as to what you should wear because of your gender.

Get My Look: 1. Houndstooth coat. 2. Baggy jeans. 3. Heeled boots.