STYLE GURU STYLE: An Ode To Saint Laurent

After stocking my autumn looks up all summer, I’m ready to let my fall fashion flag fly, and you know exactly what that means: only the pointiest of pointed-toe black boots, black tights underneath absolutely everything that doesn’t qualify as a pant and long coats that are as close to capes as can be. No, this is not overboard, this is the reality of finally getting to play dress-up everyday with my favorite pieces that are now seeing the light of day with the change of weather.

There is really only one designer that consistently comes to my mind when I turn to the world of high fashion for inspiration during the fall and winter months: none other than Saint Laurent Paris. Rather than get into semantics over the true name of this house (another day, another post), I want to get straight down to the business of an aesthetic that embodies the 21st century glam-rock witch persona I often find myself turning to (or attempting to, at least). The Saint Laurent fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is yet another Hedi Slimane creation that hits this particularly specific nail right on the head.

My look is an attempt to revamp Slimane’s Saint Laurent girl from the streets of Paris to college campus sidewalks: much less glamorous, but much more practical. True to the collection, I kept my colors as dark and vampy as possible without being predictable. No Saint Laurent-inspired look would be complete without tights or at least one skimpy garment; I compromised by pairing semi-sheer tights with normally too-short shorts. In an attempt to retain some of the glitz and glam of the collection, these shorts have not-so-subtle sparkles embedded in the fabric. Yes, I went there.

Possibly even more paramount to the Saint Laurent aesthetic than black tights are the iconic pointed-toe black boots featured in nearly every look from the fall 2015 collection. These boots make my fragile, fashion-loving heart go pitter-patter every time I hear a pair clomping by, and I’m not in the least ashamed to admit I have multiple pairs. My obsession isn’t without reason; first of all, these babies go with everything! Second, they’re comfortable and easy to walk around in and third, I kinda feel badass walking around campus with these on, my knee-length trench flapping in the wind and a vampy, plum lip.

Finishing off the look is a long blazer/jacket that screamed business casual until I made it scream “Parisian-chic.” Unlike the runway models, I do need warmth to survive chilly fall days, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sacrifice silhouette or style. Paired with a crisp white shirt, which is a little out in left field since few of Slimane’s creations have probably ever been described as “crisp”, this look is complete in all it’s monochrome glory.

Get My Look: 1. Long blazer. 2. Black shorts. 3. Black, pointed-toe boots.