STYLE GURU STYLE: An Ode To Juicy Couture

I remember being a velour-obsessed 13-year-old who just HAD to have a Juicy Couture track suit and purse in every color. While those days are long gone, I’m totally into their fall ready-to-wear collection.

For a much more mature audience, Juicy Couture’s collection is an excellent mix of modern trends with a splash of ’60s and ’70s rocker feel. From shift dresses to trousers, each look combines several different prints along with one of my favorite trends: thigh-high socks.

After lots of scrolling, I decided to take matters into my own hands with a Juicy Couture-inspired look. I was feeling pretty nostalgic about the velour days, but I made sure to steer clear of repeating my 13th birthday outfit.

I chose a horizontal, striped tunic from Brandy Melville to incorporate the element of patterns found throughout the collection. I’m currently obsessed with this store. They have many basic pieces that can be mixed and matched for an endless amount of looks. Versatility is crucial to my wardrobe and this tunic is a perfect example of that. While it’s short enough to be paired with some skinny jeans, in the spirit of Juicy Couture I left them put and opted for thigh-highs.

When it comes to accessories I stuck to a few of my go-to’s: pearl earrings and hats. On a normal day of class there’s an 80 percent chance you’ll catch me in a baseball hat. While there is no headwear in the collection, I added my own flare by topping off my look with a black floppy hat. Perfect for a sunny day, it serves as a sneak peak into my spring and summer wardrobe.

I love that Juicy Couture is reinventing their image. For me, that means being able to draw inspiration from a brand that stuck with me through the braces and pigtails.

Get My Look: 1. Floppy hat. 2. Patterned shift dress. 3. Thigh-high socks.