STYLE GURU STYLE: An Everyday Sporty Look

This week, I went for I look I don’t normally wear. I tend to dress like a grungy hippie, so I figured I’d test out the sporty side of fashion. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about fitness, and I love being active. I just don’t typically dress in sportswear unless I’m…well, playing sports. With that said, I took a peek at the adidas by Stella McCartney fall 2015 line and transformed it into an everyday look for college students.

My outfit most resembles looks one and four. Keep in mind that McCartney created her line for the fall; the looks focus on insulation. Seeing that spring has only just begun, I tweaked the look just enough to coordinate with the weather at hand. I brightened up my look, but I still stuck with the blue and green color scheme. You can see that in both photos, the model wears a warm runner’s hat. I’m absolutely obsessed with snapbacks and five panel hats. If we’re being honest here, I easily have over 70 of them, but I don’t have even one runner’s hat. I know; what are the odds? But hey—we all know I had a bunch of other hats from which I could choose. I went with one of my favorite and most unique hats: an avocado-printed five panel hat made by Skulls NYC. My hat caters to my personal style instead of entirely replicating McCartney’s looks.

In look one, the model wears patterned leggings, so I went with a cropped pair, best suited for warmer temperatures, made by Nike (sorry, adidas). I then threw on a pair of black Nike Air Max sneakers to show my, as the Biebs would say, “swaggy” side. These kicks are more of a fashion statement than a running shoe, so they contribute to the everyday aspect of my outfit. Plus, they subscribe to the popular black sneaker trend. Still going with the everyday vibe, I put on a cropped hoodie, resembling the short puffer jacket in look four, which shielded me from the spring breeze but didn’t make me drown in my own sweat, as one of McCartney’s pieces might’ve done.

To top off my look, I added my go-to surf watch and my beaded necklace made of recycled paper. These pieces, like the hat, add touches of “Lia” to the look because really…where’s the originality in replicating McCartney’s look? I found inspiration in her line and with a personal touch, created an everyday look that’s wearable for college students like us. Granted, I’ll mostly stick with my grungy-hippie look, but I’m now more comfortable with an athletic look. Thanks, Stella.

Get My Look: 1. A five panel hat. 2. Patterned crop leggings. 3. A pair of Nike Air Max sneakers.