The trench coat is a classic. It’s as simple as that. It ties your whole look together, yet can be a look all on its own as well. Look to Bally’s fall ready-to-wear collection to see how you can take a classic piece, like a trench coat, and add a twist to it. It doesn’t always have to be a neutral color, but no matter what hue the coat is, it makes a statement. For a rainy day like today, it was the perfect choice that I grabbed as I ran out the door.

What makes trench coats my go-to option is how versatile they are. They’re light but also add an extra layer, which is ideal for this fidgety spring weather. Today I decided to play the neutral game, however that doesn’t always have to be the case when it comes to trench coats. What I love about Bally’s coats is that they add a punch to your look in an unexpected way. It doesn’t always have to be a coat that spices up your image, but it’s a great method to try on any outfit.

Neutrals, particularly black, are my favorites. This is clearly the case today, since I am covered in neutrals from head to toe. When it’s a gray and cloudy day it’s hard not to dress in neutrals, however you can add a hint of surprise with patterns. My boldly striped blouse grabs your attention, yet stays within my chosen parameters. It may not be the most fun of outfits, but it’s perfect for the on the go and always active college student. Moral of the story is trench coats equals YES; don’t be afraid to play with punches of color and patterns.

Get My Look: 1. Trench coat. 2. Patterned shirt. 3. Neutral flats.