STYLE GURU STYLE: All In Good Comfort

There is nothing more important to me than comfort. In any outfit I put together, that is the number one thing I keep in mind. You are more confident when you aren’t walking around in confining clothes that you just can’t wait to get out of. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get dolled up every once in a blue moon, but nothing makes me happier then coming home and changing into something more cozy. Madewell’s fall collection is completely my style. The garments are so wearable and stylish but have that very chill vibe that I love.

When putting together my outfit of the day, I had this specific outfit from the collection in mind. Now I know Madewell’s collection came out for fall, but I decided to take a twist on the look and turn it to something that fits more with spring. I love this zebra muscle tank I am wearing. It is so lightweight and perfect for these warmer months. I paired it with this kimono that I got from one of my friends. The fringe detail lining the bottom is definitely a huge trend this past year and I don’t think it is going anywhere! Lastly, I threw on my favorite jeans and these cute loafers with gold heart details.

If you are having a bad hair day like I was having today, throw on a hat to cover up your mop! This is by far my favorite hat I own. I love how it just adds a little something to your outfit and can completely change the look your are going for with one accessory. And not to mention, they make you look like you actually put effort into your look, even if you just threw on some clothes!

Get My Look: 1. A graphic muscle tee. 2. A fringe kimono. 3. A classic black hat.