STYLE GURU STYLE: A Masculine Touch

As I was scrolling through, searching for inspiration for this article, I read, “Long hair, glittery makeup, earrings,” and was instantly intrigued. I began looking through the Burberry fall 2016 menswear collection pictures and I knew that these bearded men would become the inspiration for my STYLE GURU STYLE post. The oversized coats, paired with plaid scarfs and brown booties, made me feel like the heart-eyes emoji. I absolutely loved the simplicity of the street styles showcased in this fall’s Burberry collection, and wanted to let it inspire my fashion choices this week as I faced walking to class in five-degree weather.

It may seem a bit odd for a woman to draw inspiration from men’s fashion, especially considering how feminine my style usually is, but I think there is something important here to discuss about gender identification. It is safe to say that those of us in the fashion and entertainment businesses suffered a great loss this month with the passing of David Bowie. (I highly recommend all my viewers watch the music video for his song “Lazarus” if you haven’t already). He challenged what it meant to be masculine, and his iconic style will live on forever. Hearing the news brought about the idea of gender in my mind and how I portray myself to others.

Normally, I would classify my style as fairly contemporary and feminine in nature, but I realized that some of my favorite pieces are truly masculine (like the peacoat and the red checkered flannel pictured above). I think part of what makes fashion so fun is the ability to express yourself, but doing so requires you to understand how you identify. Yes, I identify as a female and I always have. That fact can be seen in my style choices throughout my lifetime, but doesn’t it feel adventurous to throw on that masculine, oversized coat before heading to the nail salon? I chose to pair this graphic T-shirt and flannel combo with comfortable leggings and my warmest boots. I added the oversized jacket and wool scarf to finish off my runway-inspired look.

I think we could all take a few tips from Mr. Bowie and Burberry on how to challenge the norm in our fashion choices. Buy that top hat. Strut in those work boots. Chop your hair off, but, above all else, style on.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic T-shirt. 2. Checkered flannel. 3. Duck boots. 4. Peacoat.