STYLE GURU STYLE: A Little Leather

The Bouchra Jarrar spring 2015 Couture show had me mesmerized over it’s leather-detail based collection. Every ensemble was so chic and timeless but was given an edgy twist that was intrinsic throughout the look, simply by adding a touch of leather.  Some of the looks were more dynamic by adding an ethereal fur scarf or throwing a stand-out pattern into the mix. What made this collection stand out to me was the under-stated elegance that these looks encompassed; showcasing the smaller minute details such as the leather and accessories.

I wanted to translate this look into my usual Friday style. Friday-wear is usually pretty casual for me, but I love adding little details that make the ensemble stand out. These faux leather leggings give me the comfort I desire after a long school week, but do not skimp in the chic category. Fridays are pretty quiet at Illinois State, at least during the day, so I like to reflect my outfit as such. I complemented this look with a jade green tank top and an oversized chambray top, which has served as the perfect layering tool for my easy going days.

My trusty Converse came into play, being my very well-worn sidekicks since the day I purchased them, never fail to make my look more functional. To tie my look together, I brought out my retro-red laptop satchel that definitely did its part in standing out against my neutral outfit. The green hue in my tank-top and the undeniable red in the satchel definitely made a good pairing.This show had me focusing on the smaller details in an outfit to make it stand out, even on quiet campus days.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect faux leather leggings. 2. An over-sized chambray top. 3. Red laptop satchel.