STYLE GURU STYLE: A Casual Twist on Rick Owens

April 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

If I could own a closet full of clothes from one designer, I would choose Rick Owens. I am obsessed with his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I’m so obsessed that it serves as the inspiration for this look. If you haven’t checked out his fall collection yet, I suggest you do quickly. There are some incredible detail shots and full outfit pictures on and the images are breathtaking. Rick Owens managed to make sequins look goth. In a world full of pastels and florals, Owens took girly and transformed it into vampy glam, which I personally admire.

I have always been drawn to darker colors, more specifically, black. While the main color palette of this collection is all-black, he also chooses neutral shades of gray, tan and army green to incorporate throughout the line. Perhaps more importantly, the accessories are to die for. While the models are devoid of most accessories, Owens chooses to focus on face art. Many of the models showcase gold or silver foils, which cover their entire face. These foiled faces are made to resemble masks and are indeed inspired by ancient Mayan masks. Ultimately, his line is brilliantly done and is a must-see..

The inspiration behind my look comes from the intricate draping found in the show. I chose a knot skirt to showcase a new way to add some drapery to a basic black maxi skirt, and layering with a knotted black T-shirt added simplicity to the look and kept it monochromatic. While the majority of my outfit is all-black, I was also inspired by the shades of army green found in the show, and I decided to add a lightweight army green jacket over the top. Instead of going all out and putting on gold face foil, I chose to instead focus on simple accessories, like my minimalistic gold necklace, earrings and ring. I finished off the look by adding my own flair in the form of animal print, Birkenstock-esque sandals. Ultimately, trends should inspire you, but it’s all about making an outfit your own!

Get my look:  1. Army green jacket. 2. Minimalistic gold necklace. 3. Birkenstock sandals.