STYLE GURU STLYE: Scrunchie Life

I’m a ’90s kid. I scream my ’90s pride loud and proud. I’m sure you have all heard about how Full House, one of my favorites, is making a comeback. So it is only appropriate that we celebrate by bringing out our old trends and fab styles. First step: stock up on scrunchies. The Tanner girls of Full House sported their very own scrunchies on nearly every episode. They taught us the basics on ’90s style 101. Some looks have a timeless sense about them. They may come and go through the years, but they will never be gone forever. Scrunchies fall into this category. This Alexander Lewis pre-fall show is a clear testament to this. If scrunchies can hold their own on the runway, they deserve a spot on your head. They aren’t just cute either. Scrunchies are way better for your hair’s overall health. What are we waiting for right? Dig in to the scrunchie lifestyle.

Completing the look is easy. Scrunchies go with everything. If you are running to the gym, jetting to the airport or hopping on the bus to head to class like me, you are set. Grab a solid shirt, a flannel and your favorite denim shorts. Your look is compete. Go on a scrunchie shopping spree, like I do way too often, and collect different colors and patterns. Forever 21 usually has a pretty good selection in their hair ties category. They are also super affordable and great quality! Let’s bring out the top trends from everyone’s favorite decade.

Get My Look: 1. A scrunchie, of course. 2. Denim cut-offs. 3. A basic solid shirt. 4. Neutral colored running shoes.