As college students and just everyday human beings, having a mode of transportation for your phone, wallet, lipstick, train pass—literally anything you can shove into one bag—is vital. Putting everything into your pockets is simply not an option. After all, any Fashionista can testify that pants pockets come way too small.

So when you’re going from the library to the dining hall to your apartment (and repeat), you’ve got to have a bag to help you along the way. That’s where bucket bags, backpacks, satchels, etc. come into play. And after reading this post, I think you’ll be able to conclude that bucket bags are the new reigning champions of the bag world. So let’s see what these Style Gurus picked as their must-have carry-all for the spring season and maybe you’ll be inspired to upgrade your purse collection.

1. Hands Off Cross-Body Bag

Norah Murphy

Quirky appliques are a huge trend this season; you can find them on jeans, jackets and even the simplest of cross-body bags. This bag is so unique while also being completely understated and will do wonders for any outfit. If you’re looking for a simpler look, the bag will pop, but if you’re dressed a little bolder that day, the bag will go with most anything since its base color is a classic black faux leather. The decal is also totally adorable and will be sure to get a lot of compliments.”- Norah MurphyParsons the New School for Design

2. Convertible Cross-Body Bag

Karen Nguyen

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is not for the faint of heart, but for the eclectic trendsetters! With this colorful pattern, this definitely is a statement bag to turn heads. I’d like to think this cross-body highlights the season of spring, but gives us a glimpse of a RAD summer!”- Karen NguyenCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

3. Reversible Faux Leather Tote

Natalie Plackowski

A reversible tote is great for any season, and a signature in my seasonal wardrobe. It’s perfect for those days when you have a packed schedule, are traveling all day or just need extra space for items. Light, neutral colors are perfect for spring, and I believe a stylish bag can change your whole look, along with being the perfect accessory!”- Natalie PlackowskiSan Diego State University

4. Fringed Bucket Bag

Emma Pontillo

You can never have more fringe in my opinion; this season, I will definitely be sporting this fringe bag. With warm weather comes fun outings and nothing says fun more than this bag—how could you not bring it along? It is spacious and practical for bringing along anything you might need with you during the day!”- Emma Pontillo, Fordham Universty

5. Leather Bucket Bag

Monique Tchuisse

I picked this bag because it also goes well with the Pantone color of the year, Serenity. It is so fun and can be used during festival season as well as day-to-day. It’s slightly smaller than most bags, which also makes it great for traveling or shopping.”- Monique TchuisseIowa State University

6. Straw Bag

Sarah Howell

I have a huge obsession with straw bags at the moment. I have had my eye on this one for quite some time. It is affordable, has several color options and is huge, which I love. This would make the perfect beach bag!”- Sarah HowellWayne State University

7. Bucket Meets Satchel Bag

Assata Terrell

I really love the style of this bag because it’s a mix between a satchel tote and a bucket bag! Perfect alternative to my backpack.”- Assata TerrellColumbia College Chicago

8. Bucket Bag

Mikayla Gamble

For those days when a smaller bag just isn’t going to cut it, I’d have to say my go-to would be the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Though these come in smaller sizes too, the bigger size definitely comes in handy when it comes to storing things like your notebook, iPad and even snacks! Perfect for students and it cinches too!”- Mikayla Gamble, Florida State University

9. Leather Patchwork Cross-Body

Hana Hong

As a self-professed girly girl, I always find myself reaching for more feminine, delicate looks. What color epitomizes your femininity more than pink? This KORS Michael Kors purse holds an artistic patchwork that is color-blocked to perfection. Its classic streamlined silhouette is ideal for versatility, and its vibrant hues declare a sartorial springtime.”- Hana Hong, University of Illinois

10. Fringe Suede Cross-Body Bag

Rachel Spross

This bag is the perfect size for me. It is big enough to fit all of my essentials, but not too large to be annoying to carry when I go out. I love that I can just throw it over my shoulder! I also love the trendy fringe.”- Rachel Spross, University of Texas