STYLE GURU BIO: Yasmin Blackwell

Hello everyone! My name is Yasmin and I am so excited to be joining the winter/spring Style Guru team. I hope to develop my eye for awesome street style and inspiration that you can gain from looking around your university campus and then writing about it. After dabbling with blogging and various different work experiences, I know that fashion journalism is a career path I would definitely like to pursue. Since, anything that gets me writing about my passion is very thrilling. This is one of the reasons I think that I will enjoy being a Style Guru so much.

My personal style is feminine and smart. I love A-line skirts, sheer or chiffon blouses and ankle boots or chic loafers. Also, I love casual skinny jeans and a sweater for down days. One of my favourite style icons is fashion blogger, Tanya Burr. Personally, I feel that we have really similar tastes, personalities and body shapes. Therefore, a lot of clothes she wears, I instantly want to buy as well. In spite of this, I am always looking to change up my style and try new things. I’m hoping that being part of the CollegeFashionista family will inspire me to do so, and maybe be a bit more daring or adventurous with my fashion choices this year.

Thank you for much for reading this first post and hope that you will return to see what wonderful pieces of British fashion I can dig up for you around my university campus.