Hello there beautiful Fashionistas. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of such a lovely community where all backgrounds, races and ethnicities can work together collectively on something we all love. My name is Yaneidy Lora, some like to call me Yani, and I attend Temple University in Philadelphia. I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland and as a young girl I can proudly say that I have always considered clothes as extravagant pieces of art. I truly believe that clothing is a gateway for self-expression and builds a foundation toward feeling confident. In my wardrobe, I stick to comfortable pieces that can turn heads while also allowing me to move with ease.

This summer, dresses have been my best friends during the heat waves as well as the chilly nights on the rooftops. The T-shirt dress is an invention that is truly genius and always looks as if I put more effort into getting ready than I actually did. It can be dressed up with a chic pair of strappy heels or dressed down with a sleek pair of sneakers. I like to pair the ensemble with simple jewelry because, for me, less is always more. Parisian fashion is my source of inspiration for how it is minimalistic yet jaw dropping. If I were to attend fashion week in Paris my life would be complete as I would absorb all of the amazing art around me.

Being given the chance to be a Style Guru is an opportunity that we can all gain knowledge from. Us Style Gurus have the ability to network with people from all over the globe and this can only help us in moving forward with our careers. This community is one that I will remember for years to come and I am so grateful I get to give my perspective on the beauty of fashion.