STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Mercado

Hello! ¡Hola! My name is Victoria and I am a first timer Style Guru! I’m pretty stoked to begin my journey as an intern for CollegeFashionista being that having a fashion blog was something I never really saw myself doing before. Even though I love styling, I had mixed feelings about writing about it. I used to view fashion blogging as bragging or a way of dictating what the audience should be dressing like, but that was in the case if I were to do it, which is ironic because I enjoy glancing over other fashion blogs. For some reason, I felt that if I were to have a personal fashion blog it defeated the essence of my personal style. However, a higher confidence later, look where I am at now: calm, collected, and ready to visually please your world. As my favorite professor would say, “My glitter is settled.” In the end, it is actually about self-love and sharing inspiration. So, let’s begin.

Now that you know my background mindset, here’s my background.

I am currently a senior at Syracuse University studying communication and rhetorical studies, music industry, and fashion and beauty communications. I love my studies, and even though it is scary to think that I will be graduating in a few months, I can’t wait to show off my learnings. From Puerto Rico to Syracuse to the world! Ah yes, I am directly from Puerto Rico, by the way.

I live in a town called Aguadilla located in the west coast of Puerto Rico, but interchange from there to the capital of the island (San Juan) being that my dad lives there. Having a lifestyle where constantly changing location every two weekends was thing developed my nomad outlook, as well as my style. I can adapt pretty quickly anywhere, thus I can adapt my style to anywhere. I look for the meaning behind everything, and thus all of my looks from head-to-toe or, as Tyra Banks would say, “H2T” represents the exact feel I am going for with my outfit and the different spectrums to my personality.

Finally, let’s talk about my art piece of a jumpsuit.

I chose to showcase this garment being that it is one my most precious thrift finds. I found it in small thrift store in Paris right after I checked out the Centre Georges Pompidou museum, it’s a memory that sounds directly out of a cheesy-girlfriends movie. I have only paired this garment with kicks, but I adapted it to a casual island feel with red sunglasses and black flats. I completed my look with red lipstick and simple pearl earrings to maintain the glamour the jumpsuit naturally embodies.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me (and my outfit) in these 500 words. Can’t wait to share more throughout the semester. ‘Till next outfit!