STYLE GURU BIO : Victoria Alekseyko

Hey there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Victoria Alekseyko, and this is my first semester being a Style Guru and I’m highly excited to start this journey. As a junior at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing, fashion has always been an inspiration for me—from my collection of style magazines to my wardrobe full of clothes and accessories. I love to combine different pieces and come up with different outfits and new ideas every day.

I was originally born in Ukraine and moved to America when I was very young, I’ve been back to Ukraine a couple of times to visit family and friends. The last time I was in Ukraine, during my senior year of high school, I had noticed how different fashion is there compared to America. People are usually dressed up in either school uniforms, Ukrainian vishalkas’, dresses, work clothes or anything really that makes a statement or stands out in a way. From my roots is where I believe I’ve grown to love fashion for what it’s for, and I love dressing up and making a statement.

Freshman year of college in the spring, I went to Berlin, Germany to study abroad it was a very exciting experience for me; I loved every second of it. Berlin was very futuristic and yet historical too. I lived in the Mitte area of Berlin which was basically the center of Berlin; the city is very large and I remember I explored so many areas. I either walked or used public transportation such as subways, trams, and buses. The experience had actually taught me to be very good with directions and know Berlin like it was the back of my hand. It was so much fun in Berlin and I loved the fashion, when I was there I shopped often times at Zara or H&M. I love how for both those brands everything is so versatile at each store. My experiences in Germany and Ukraine inspired me to want to travel more around the world; I would love to see all the different styles of fashion, architecture, and land that it has to offer.

Even though I have traveled a bit, I grew up in Connecticut in a small town outside of Hartford, called Newington, which is straight suburbia. People here are very close; they all gather for events we have every year, such as the extravaganza, high school sport games and other happenings. Growing up in a small town made me want to see what it’s like to live in the city, where there is more action. That’s why I decided to go to college in Providence, there is always so much going on I can literally not even keep up with all the action, the city is so beautiful and the street style is very unique.

So I can’t wait to photograph all the future Fashionishtas/os of Providence and Connecticut whenever I go back home this fall. This season will be one of the semesters to do photography. Providence is so beautiful in the fall, no wonder why they call it the creative capital! Be sure to read more of my articles coming up and give me some RADs!