STYLE GURU BIO: Veronica Garcia

Hello all! I hope you had a #RAD summer and your fall semester is off to a great start.  This past summer, with a job and internship, I experienced my first real dose of adulthood. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. Of course, the first few weeks were a bit rough, but after a while, getting used to constantly having something to do felt reassuring. Despite my busy schedule, I was somehow able to find time to go into the mini concrete jungle that is D.C. and explore (a few of) my days away. Now, back in the valley, I am no longer surrounded by the constant noise of city streets, and have, instead, been indulging in the mountain views and downtown feels. Thankfully, that means lots of burgers.

I am looking forward to exploring more of the valley this semester, as well as to be back for my second season as a Style Guru. During the summer, I was able to capture the outfits of many Fashionistas. I’m excited to continue finding Fashionistas rocking trends and A+ outfits on campus, but I have a goal of capturing at least one Fashionisto. I invite you to keep up with my articles throughout the semester to see if I can accomplish this goal by the end of fall.

After my first semester as a Style Guru, I am definitely more conscious of my everyday outfit choices. I now pay closer attention to the importance of accessories which is something that I struggled with for awhile. I am slowly becoming more comfortable with jewelry and lately I’ve been quite a fan of the choker trend. This fall, I’ll learn to rock bolder pieces of jewelry and to dominate the layer game. I hope you decide to join me through what is sure to be a trend-filled fall.