STYLE GURU BIO: Valerie Attwood

STYLE GURU BIO: Valerie Attwood

Hello to my fellow Style Gurus! My name is Valerie Attwood. I’m currently a sophomore at Iowa State University majoring in apparel merchandising and minoring in music and advertising! I love everything I have learned and experienced from Iowa State University and can’t wait to see how CollegeFashionista adds to my college journey, and more importantly, my future in fashion. This being my first semester as a Style Guru, I am only at the beginning of my adventures and have so much to learn and experience. 

Growing up similar to the majority of little girls, I had always had a love for shopping. However, my main reason for majoring in fashion merchandising wasn’t for the clothes or the money but the experience. I live for the feeling of beauty when I put on my favorite dress with heels that absolutely kill my feet. That feeling of beauty means more than anything else fashion has to offer. It’s from this pure feeling that I have formed my goals and aspirations around. Two years ago from today I didn’t think I would be so in my element. Iowa State University is helping me find my true self. I have such a love for this field and everything it takes to be the best of the best. My friends would describe me as a hard worker and that’s what I am. I have passion and drive. I won’t stop chasing my dreams until I reach them, and being a stylist is at the top of my list. 

With a dream in mind, I keep my options open. Something I may find not as cute on me may be drop dead gorgeous on someone else. That’s why I love the idea of styling so much. There are so many different ways to make garments come together into one masterpiece. If you were to ask me what my style is I would no doubt say I’m a total mix of things. Some days I’m a total girly girl and other days I have a little more edge in my outfit. It’s all based on the occasion and sometimes my mood.

In this look I choose to have a little more edge and trendiness in my outfit. I spent a day in the city of Chicago and felt this was the perfect look! Three of my favorite pieces of this outfit include my healed booties, lipstick, and peacoat. The dark and cunning lipstick aided with the heeled booties make the outfit bold, while throwing on a  peacoat is cuter than any puffy winter jacket. All in all I’m so excited to be apart of the Style Guru team and can’t wait for what this semester has in store for me!