STYLE GURU BIO: Tyler McClelland

Being back in Atlanta feels surreal and full of the potential anything that I can imagine. I have lived here for exactly a year now, a year that was filled with new apartments, new responsibilities and adventures, and a new outlook on what is left of my college experience. I am not sure who I will spot on the streets of Atlanta this season, but I expect to find people who inspire.

My personal wardrobe always incorporates a masculine or gender neutral touch, but this look has a more feminine flare. I am wearing my best goodwill investment and my all-time-favorite jeans. These retro Calvin Kleins are officially molded to the shape of my body and yet take a full two minutes to pull up! The struggle. Another goodwill find that has not let me down is my Mandarin collar button-down top. As a triple XL, its a perfect fit for me! You know those pieces in your wardrobe that you have to tell everyone who complements you exactly how much they cost and how much you saved by buying them on sale? These babies, my slip on black leather mules, are the embodiment of that exact scenario! I found these online at ASOS for 70 percent off, score!

This look is quick (with the exception of the zero percent spandex denim pull up break) with just enough class to feel made-up and put together without feeling overdressed. This year, 2016, is my year of confidence and creativity. Let’s see what Atlanta has to offer and what Fashionistas and Fashionistos are ready to inspire us to dress for success (yes, I said it).

Get My Look: 1. Mules. 2. Crisp White button-down. 3. Bowler hat.