STYLE GURU BIO: Trasina Diazmunoz

STYLE GURU BIO: Trasina Diazmunoz

Hey fashion world! I am Trasina Diazmuñoz and I am super excited to be back writing for CollegeFashionista! I previously wrote articles during the summer semester and now I am looking forward to finding and writing about fashion on my campus. For those of you that have not read my previous Style Guru bio, I am a senior at Ohio Wesleyan University and I am majoring in studio B.A! While the word “senior” is very scary I am anxious to see what my future holds after college. My big dream is to move to the big apple and further pursue fashion photography.

Since I am an art major, I will be living in our art buildings this semester. No, seriously, a lot of long nights of working on projects will happen. That comes with the territory of being an art major but I love it so I would not change those long nights in the studio for anything. I always knew I wanted to go into fashion but I never really gave myself the chance until junior year came around and we were forced to pick a major. (Who makes these rules??) I guess I tried putting it off for as long as I could but I realized that this is what I truly wanted to pursue. My parents have always told me that if I go into a field I am very passionate about, I won’t have to work a day in my life. I think that is one of the most real statements I have ever heard. It makes so much sense!! It is something that I always remind myself of when I am having those tougher days.

Okay, now for the good stuff, fashion! Like I have stated in my previous Style Guru bio, my personal style cannot really be narrowed down specifically. I always just go with the flow and with what I am feeling. Something that I have always been a fan of is a DIY project. From distressing jeans, making denim shorts, cutting up shirts and creating chokers, I love a good DIY. Lately I have been inspired to do more so I headed over to my craft store to create this super chic tee for less than $10!! Yes people less than $10. Amazing what a visit to your local craft store and thrift store can do. There’s just something about wearing an item you’ve created that makes you feel super crafty. It is very trendy and very cheap, and I am all about saving money.

I am looking forward to continue writing about all the different styles I’ll encounter around campus! Stay connected and be sure to check back for more!