STYLE GURU BIO: Tiana Sutherland

STYLE GURU BIO: Tiana Sutherland

Hello to all my fellow Fashionistas! I go by Tiana Dee online. Make sure to follow me on social media @misstianadee. I am a public relations student at California State University, Fullerton. I enjoy learning and experiencing what life has to offer me. As I begin my first semester as a Style Guru intern with CollegeFashionista, I look forward to the journey that is ahead. I am grateful to have the chance to be a part of this #RAD online community!

To be totally honest, I have never seen myself as a fashionista per say, but given this opportunity with CollegeFashionista has opened my eyes. Now I realize that we are all fashionistas in our own unique way, and fashion is an art form in and of itself where you get to be your own personal canvas!

It is so fun putting together outfits for different occasions. Lately I have been mixing and matching different articles of clothing that I would not typically wear together and have come to find that I have way more outfits than I realized. At the moment I am digging edgy and girly combinations. The opposing ensembles are reflective of my at times picky and indecisive personality. I will also always be a fan of bohemian style.

My style is highly dependent on my mood. That is why for my Style Guru bio I kept my look simple since my fashion taste is constantly evolving anyways, but I know I will never get over a simplistic look. Simple is and always will be classy. Also you can never go wrong with black! Neutral tops and denim jeans make it easy to pair cute accessories, which I love to do. It truly is all in the details.

I purchased my two bangles together for under ten dollars at the Savoir Faire vintage flea market at Cal-State Fullerton that runs the first Sunday of every month. Finding beautiful pieces that don’t break your budget is so rewarding. I hope to become a better thrifter this semester. It takes patience, but is a skill worth having. Although, life is about balance. That is why I really don’t mind splurging sometimes on those staple items for my wardrobe collection. If you carry a purse with you everywhere you go, it might as well be good quality material that will last!

Last minute I decided to wear my aviator sunglasses during the shoot because I really can’t help but feel cool and confident when I am wearing a pair of aviators. My closing point here is that as I get older, I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and have began to realize that no matter what I am wearing, I can rock whatever outfit that I want to with confidence.

As this semester goes on, I am excited to learn more about my personal style preferences as I gain inspiration from other fashionistas like you. Thank you for reading my bio!