STYLE GURU BIO: Terenz Jenkins

STYLE GURU BIO: Terenz Jenkins

Hey, Fashionistas/os! My name is Terenz Jenkins, but my friends call me TJ. This fall, I will be going to Savannah College of Art and Design as a freshman. I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity to showcase street style in the small town of Savannah, Georgia! I am double majoring in fashion design and fashion marketing and management. I could not be more in love with fashion than I am because I love everything about style and wish to hopefully someday contribute to it. I have always admired the way fashion bloggers capture what we (fashion enthusiasts) on the street are wearing. My favorite magazine would have to be NYLON because of the versatility they have; combining music and so many more aspects that come to play with fashion. My love for fashion actually started from picking up the first edition of NYLONGUYS. This kick-started my interest to having an elevated style.

It is always refreshing to know that some people have strayed away from wanting name brand clothing like myself. I have taken my creativity and sewing talents (and my eyes) to the local thrift store and started finding cheap clothes and making them look new to this era. Growing up as a Fashionisto, I can say that I have grown both stylistically and mentally. I feel people have this mindset to “buy buy buy” in order to look like they are dressed well, but I don’t believe it takes all of that.

I do love seeing accessories that add to an outfit because I think they complete an outfit, like adding a side to a delicious plate of food (did I mention I am a big foodie). Take my outfit, for example. I am wearing a black bracelet, which is simple yet very creative, and colorful breast panel of the shirt. Speaking of the top half of the shirt, this green shirt was completely plain. I got it from a thrift store and then added some patches and pins. I love to add character to clothes like this because, in my opinion, they were given away because the original owner saw no more life to them, so I am putting life back into the clothes.

Avid seeker of the next concert in my town, I also love photography and constructing clothes. My favorite colors would have to be any color on the gray scale. I believe being optimistic takes us so far and that negativity only hinders growth and success.

I am so excited to experience all the possibilities with CollegeFashionista!

Ready for a #Rad Year