I’m Taylor, and I’m in my third year at the University of Georgia. You won’t find me there much this semester though, because I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Oxford in the UK! I have an eternal travel bug, so I’m constantly looking for the next great adventure to embark on. This is my first semester as a Style Guru, and I am so excited to share all the awesome styles I come across on this side of the Atlantic.

Personality-wise, I’m a bit of a cross between Hermione Granger and Elle Woods. I can constantly be found with my nose in a book, and I believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice personal style and femininity in the pursuit of being taken seriously (and that whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed). I’m an overachiever and a perfectionist, and these personality traits have slowly crept into my style.

My fashion sense is, in a word, preppy. I’ve always found myself gravitated to more traditional styles, because they are easy to coordinate (a must for my travelling habit) and have a ton of potential for creativity. Also, as a girl with millionaire taste on a college student budget, it’s great to be able to purchase investment pieces that won’t go out of style any time soon. Despite this overall trend in my style, I also love experimenting with elements of other fashion genres and blending them into my style. My latest obsession has been dark lipstick; I love pairing the more traditionally feminine styles that dominate my wardrobe with brown, burgundy, or black lipstick to give my overall look a slightly edgier vibe.

In this look, I’ve made the traditional cut of this floral blouse a bit more playful by tying it in a knot right where the top of my skirt hits. I also love using jewelry to show off aspects of my personality that may not be clearly visible from my outfit–for example, I’m wearing a golden snitch bracelet because I’m a not-at-all-low-key Harry Potter fan, and it makes a great conversation piece. These lace-up booties are my newest addition to my shoe collection, and I absolutely love the detailing. I’ve also added some of my signature vampy lipstick; none of my outfits are complete without it.

I’m so excited to share all my fashion finds here in the UK with you all–this place is quickly becoming my second home, and the streamlined, simple looks that most Brits have adopted are something I can’t wait to incorporate into my wardrobe. Cheers!