STYLE GURU BIO: Tara Guaimano

STYLE GURU BIO: Tara Guaimano

My name is Tara Guaimano, and I am pursuing a degree in communications in journalism and public relations with a minor in political science at Marist College. I am beyond excited to return to CollegeFashionista for my second semester this spring!

With spring semester still being infiltrated with the coldest temperatures and most brutal wind chills we’ve seen yet this school year, I will be covering the coolest styles to mock the coolest weather yet this season.

As my personal style is inspired by the carefree vibe of the Jersey Shore, the nature of each look I sport has been crafted by my growth beside the sea. This semester, as we get past the cold, I will continue to look towards the winter sun, as my style persists beachy vibes all year long.

With tons of turtlenecks, big sweaters, and my obsession with flannel, winter fashion is super easy to keep cute and cozy when bundling up for that walk to the library. I try to utilize utmost inspiration from Free People’s winter collection and winter surf brand catalogs to stay balanced in the midst of the East Coast’s oscillating seasons.

On campus, I am often found sporting my round-framed, John Lennon sunglasses with almost every outfit throughout every season. This winter, I will show CollegeFashionista the fluidity of cool sunnies through any form of weather—especially when the sun reflects off the January snow blankets covering your campus.

This semester, I will utilize lots of layers and lots of memories of watching the rolling ocean waves to inspire a comfortable winter style, as warm as the summer rays.

So, through the cold, stay as RAD(-ical, dude!) as possible—and rock your sickest style throughout the following, weather-confused months.