STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Brooks

This is my third semester as a Style Guru intern for CollegeFashionista. I’ve learned a lot so far about writing, photography and fashion, so I can’t wait to see what extra knowledge I can pick-up during this semester! One of joys of living in Pennsylvania, my home state, is that the ever-changing seasons means clothing and trends are constantly shifting. There’s always a new style tip to pick up from a stylish Fashionsta/o that I photograph on the street.

Right now my focus when it comes to style is to be a little bolder. My definition of bold might not be as wild as the next Fashionista’s/o’s, but that’s okay! I’ve been enjoying exploring accessorizing with hats and new accessories. Last year I had my ears pierced, which opened a whole new world of accessory possibilities, anything from gold hoops to dainty studs. Additionally, I’ve taken with a minimalist approach to dressing lately. For me this means easing up on the accessories and lots of black.

My primary sources of style inspiration are Instagram, Pinterest, the CollegeFashionista Snapchat and Google! Whenever I’m for a loss for what to wear or how to style a certain piece the internet has always proven to be a great guide. With the boots in my outfit having been my absolute favorite object out of my closet this past year, all these sources have helped me find ways to work them into my outfits year-round.

When I’m not working as a Style Guru, you can find me blogging or making videos for my YouTube channel. I also enjoy a good DIY or coloring book session. My rule of thumb is typically that as long as it’s creatively involved, I’ll enjoy it. Food and Netflix are my ultimate vices. Hand me sushi and a computer with Law & Order: SVU ready to go and you’ll have me content for quite some time. Time not spent eating and watching TV is typically used to run, read or surf the internet.

I can’t wait to start another semester scoping out all that’s trendy in street style and bringing it to you to enjoy. Let’s grab some mirrored sunnies, a camera and get going!