January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings and Happy New Year! I’m excited to be joining the CollegeFashionista team this spring and sharing with you unique campus styles and fashion trends. My new home base is New Haven where I am a first year student at Yale University.

I am fascinated by French impressionism, from its art to its music. I love to travel, play the piano, and wander through museums and art galleries.

Fashion can be a unique form of self-expression that allows us to encapsulate our curiosities, passions and essence into our personal styles. As for my personal style, if you spot me in the streets, I will most likely be wearing some black complemented by some neutrals or pastels. I love how black is such a basic color yet makes a bold statement in everyone’s outfit. I also hold dear to heart Coco Chanel’s iconic words, “Less is More,” but with an open mind to incorporate something new from the ever-changing fashion industry. I love minimalist looks with black and neutrals, but I try to incorporate romanticised pastels and bold patterns here and there.

In this outfit, I am wearing a black Bardot top, high-waisted woven shorts and knot-front wedge sandal (similar item here ) with a sleek high bun.

I love how style can empower us to celebrate who we are and explore who we can be, and I hope I can capture and share with you the diverse styles and vibrant self-expression around my campus and community.

Come back every Tuesday for new posts with a myriad of styles and trends of Yale and the surrounding community! Follow me on a journey to uncover the unique ways through which Yalies express themselves.