September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello! I am very excited to announce that I will be your Style Guru once again for this fall semester! The internship gained me fresh, new experiences through summer and that encouraged me to apply again.

Whenever I go on campus, it’s like I have more motivation than everybody else. This semester, I have my capstone project to focus on and that will be the talk for everyone in the film major. However, I will have Cleveland State Fashionista/os to take my breaks with—more than enough to rejuvenate me throughout what’s surely to be a painful semester.

As when summer semester began, I begin fall with my preferred style through layering. But, of course, a few things have changed. Even should I roll them up, both pants and outerwear on top shall cover my limbs in their entirety.

Furthermore, in summer, I utilized my whole outfit to pop. I love the season-exclusive vividness. In fall, however, I prefer to limit the zing and pep on smaller items of the outfit. The overall toned-down color scheme lends more heft to the atmosphere. Another effect is that accessories are more easily accentuated because of the obvious contrast.

I still keep my inner shirt light because the jacket effectively contains the warmth. Fall for Cleveland means a season of fluctuation between warmth of day and cold of night. I dress prepared for any minute of the day (yes, any MINUTE. Welcome to Cleveland).

A bit of serendipity helps, as well. My iPhone case matches the blue on my shoes and orange earbuds seem to be continuation of the orange shoelaces.

Ending this bio, I’d like to recommend a camera once again. Panasonic LX-100 is a compact camera that houses a professional micro four thirds sensor, quality Leica lens and a zoom lens that allows variable focal lengths, as well! It almost seems too good that it offers 4K video for serious video work on top of everything else. With a price tag of $800 dollars, I confidently recommend this camera to any CollegeFashionista on a budget.

Fashion, photography, school, people… it’s all getting interesting once again. I hope to share all of my excitement with you this semester. I promise I will feature only the true Fashionista/os!