STYLE GURU BIO: Stephany Mendia

STYLE GURU BIO: Stephany Mendia

Happy New Year! My name is Stephany Mendia and this is my first semester with College Fashionista. I’m wrapping up my senior year at Northern Kentucky University and topping off my four years with a bachelors degree in communications and public relations (woo!) Northern Kentucky has always been my home, and Cincinnati is my favorite neighbor. My years here have been spent scouting the best donuts and pizza, attending every concert I could get tickets to, and volunteering to make my community the best it can be.

I am a first generation American citizen in my family, which means I’m the first in my family to be born in the United States. I grew up speaking Spanish and English back and forth between my home and school. Growing up my mom would always say to me, “tienes que salir bien, no sabes quién vas a ver” which means, “you have to leave looking nice, you never know who you’ll run into.”

My mothers words echo in my mind every time I get dressed in the morning, and because of this my style is built on classic pieces that flatter regardless of pairings. I like to trend up my outfits through shoes, and subtle jewelry, and you will rarely find me without a layering piece. Personally, black is my favorite color to wear, denim a very close second and I may as well consider lipstick swatches on my hand an accessory. I draw a lot of inspiration from fashion YouTubers (ex: ToThe9s, Samantha Maria) and from finding ways to mix formal and causal, and masculine and feminine cuts.

My outfit above is by far what I feel the most “‘me” in. The base is comprised of the two pieces I feel every girl needs in her closet: a white t-shirt, and denim skirt. The tights have a small pattern that give the look some depth, without distracting from the classic base. I live in this leather jacket, and it ties the whole outfit together, giving it a very effortlessly cool vibe. My cutout booties stay with me throughout every season, and add a subtle detail, that always makes people look twice. Stones cut from precious stones has been one of my favorite trends recently, so they had to make an appearance to trend up my classic look. Of course, it is all topped off by my favorite liquid lipstick, “Miami Fever,” which I find to be a nice break from the expected red lipstick that this outfit calls for.

I’m looking forward to a semester of hustling in style! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my day to day outfits and article sneak peeks!