STYLE GURU BIO: Stephanie Magee

Hi all! This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I am super excited to show you guys what I am all about! This is the start of my journey in the fashion industry, so I am excited to just be in an environment where I can grow and learn more about it.

A little about myself, I am from Los Angeles, California but right now I am a senior at Boise State University. Besides school, I am a beauty advisor at Impulse Cosmetics in Macy’s and also doing some marketing for Thrilla Seven. One of my goals, after graduating, is to work in fashion buying and merchandising. I absolutely LOVE to shop and can literally shop until I drop so, I figured pursuing this career would be perfect for me.

As far as my style, it is hard for me to name it because I just like what I like. One day I feel like a bohemian princess and the next day I feel like a goth tom boy (still girly looking, of course). It is so fun for me to switch it up here and there. I feel like that is what it’s all about. As for right now, I will say I am super into chokers. It is so funny because at first I was super against the choker phase coming back, but now I cannot seem to stop myself from buying them when I go into a store. Whether it is a simple outfit or not, I feel like chokers are a great add-on to almost anything you wear. Definitely be on the look out for some of my fun chokers this semester.

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