STYLE GURU BIO: Stephanie Han

Hello, lovelies! I’m Stephanie Han, a current sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where I am studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. I love my major because it involves the business side of fashion, where there is an intriguing balance between structure/organization and artistic expression with no boundaries.

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California and moved to Brooklyn, New York last year to attend FIT and pursue all my dreams. I love Cali, but I think I am a city girl at heart and find the fast-paced lifestyle in New York incredibly motivating. I love that I can walk 40 blocks and not feel tired because there is so much to do and see. It is a very inspiring place, especially because the people are bold and the fashion is always unique. I have always loved fashion, although it has evolved from playing dress up (with the firm belief that I would someday become a princess in some faraway land) to using it to express my personal style.

While many people seem to look down upon the assumed materialism of the fashion industry, fashion is really so much more than showing off pretentious, expensive clothes. Fashion can tell a story and what you wear can often show a lot about yourself. It’s about creativity and using your brain juice to figure out what pairs best with what and turning something “ugly” into something unique with the right accessories. It’s about wearing things that make you feel confident and good about yourself so you can basically take over the world when you step out the door. Hey, if you can rock a thrifted vintage dress and make it look like a million bucks, more power to you.

Anyway, I am SO excited to be a Style Guru for the fall semester because it is honestly my favorite season! I can’t wait to cover all the cool street style around New York and on my college campus and see the flip flops turn into boots. Scarf weather is the best weather, always.

Hopefully, you will all stay tuned to my upcoming posts and learn more about me through my written work. That being said, all you really need to know about me is that I love green tea desserts, I follow lots of cute dogs on social media for my mental well being and I will buy and wear cute shoes even if they are the most uncomfortable things ever. I would say that the store that best expresses my style is Zara as I love wearing neutrals and structured pieces, but I like to mix it up with bold prints, too. You will hardly find me without my nails painted, on any given day I am probably sitting in a cafe somewhere sipping on a latte and the one thing that really upsets me is when people show up late. (If you’re fashionably late though, I’ll probably forgive you).

Stay RAD! Here’s to an awesome semester.