Hey guys! Welcome to my page and thanks for tuning in! How about I introduce myself. My name is Stav and I’m a born and raised Queen’s gal who also spends the majority of her time in Manhattan. I have always been so fascinated by fashion and all the trends that rise and fall in the city, and ever since I was young, I made it my goal to be a part of the fashion world.

I’ve been surrounded by the fashion industry my whole life, in ways that I believe really tell a lot about the kind of person I am and the kind of inspiration I get. With my dad being a graphic art designer and my mom styling my outfits to the nines since I could walk, I feel as though I’ve been influenced by fashion and risk-taking styling since I was a little girl. Also, spending the majority of my time as a young teen being involved in the modeling industry, I have slowly gathered a large database of fashion, styling, and fashion advertising.

For this coming fall semester I have made it my ultimate goal to keep all of you Fashionistas/os in the loop for all the trends I see coming up in the streets of Manhattan, and to show you the right ways to make them work just for you! By keeping you guys updated, I also hope to show you how non-stop the fashion industry in this city can be, and how once you start, you really can’t stop!!

Looking to recreate this look? All you need is a super cool romper that pinches in at the waist (and I do prefer this kind of a flowy rayon fabric to make the shape flattering), a cool pair of statement platformed boots, and pair those with some simple accessories like a cool pair of shades and a cute and comfy bag.

Want to keep updated on all my new posts? Keep an eye out for my Instagram! I’ll be posting all announcements regarding my blog posts on my page! I hope you guys enjoy the inspiration I’ll be giving you this fall semester, both from me and from other amazing stylish college students all around the city!