STYLE GURU BIO: Shpresa Sulollari

Hello, there! My name is Shpresa (“shpray-suh”) Sulollari. I am a twenty-something marketing student at Florida State University, and this is my little corner on the internet. This my first semester as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista, and I am beyond thrilled to share with you what inspires me in the creative world of fashion.

If I could trace back to what taught me the commanding quality of clothes, it would go back to my grandfather. Living with him while I grew up showed me how much a person’s clothing speaks to one’s character. A perfectly crisp suit, polished shoes, and an old-school hat were the only attire one would see him wear and it was because he respected himself and the people around him. People look at you with a different perspective based on how you put yourself together and he knew that very well.

His aura of sophistication rubbed off on me and it is why I look to classic fashion houses like Chanel and Ralph Lauren or modern retailers like Anthropologie and Everlane with adoration. They are forever in synergy with modern desires and timeless qualities.

I would describe my style as being eclectic with classic refined nuances. I am constantly inspired by those around me and also what I see on Instagram and fashion trends on WGSN. Some days I want to have a more minimalist polished look and, on others, a more feminine detailed look with a pop of color will do. However, my must-have for every outfit is that something about it should be a little interesting. Whether it be a scarf like the one I am wearing or a zig-zag stitching on a pant, details matter to me.

In the look I pulled together, you can find my culottes from Everlane (a radically transparent clothing company—hooray!) and I adore them because they effortlessly make an outfit look stylish and they’re über comfortable. I paired it with a gray T-shirt and black slide sandals for a modern touch. This makes for an extremely functional outfit that can easily be restyled. You could pop on a blazer and dress shoes for the office—or add a chunky heel for a night out.

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