STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Callery

As my second semester with CollegeFashionista begins, I look back on an amazing fall fashion season. Not only did my personal style evolve, but the fashion community witnessed some incredible changes, new trends and rad styles that are taking the spring fashion season by force.

If we haven’t been introduced, my name is Shannon Callery and I am a sophomore student at the University of Delaware studying visual communications with a minor in interactive media. I feel very blessed to be able to pursue a creative education and to practice my passion. Even though art is a huge time commitment and a lifelong dedication, I also enjoy photography, fashion, reading, music and traveling. I hail from the small town of Lumberton, New Jersey. If you are whipping out a map, let me save you some time. My hometown is so small it doesn’t make the map. Nonetheless, it is real and it is home.

As I study art and learn to think creatively, I have started admiring fashion more as an art form. I see clothing as an outlet of creative expression, a blank canvas and as masterpieces made with great artistic quality. With a newfound appreciation for fashion, I rekindled my love with fashion designers such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. Even if my personal style does not spark a fashion revolution, I know that I express who I am every day when I put together an outfit.

During the fall fashion season, I fell in love with many of the fall trends and styles. One of my favorite fall fashion trends that has become a wardrobe essential is the ‘groutfit’, an outfit made up of several shades of gray. Although true groutfits feature only shades of gray, I consider black to be the darkest shade of gray so I like to incorporate black pieces within my groutfits for contrast. I like being able to take current trends and molding them into my personal style. Even though a lot of people think gray is a boring color, I find it to be ambiguous, neutral and versatile. I love experimenting with different shades of cool and warm grays in my favorite fashion statements such as utility jackets, stripes and flannels. My essential, go-to pieces are my flannel, peacoat, fall booties and a knit scarf.

At the beginning of the long bob trend, I was following the ‘long hair, don’t care’ mantra. Quickly, I became swept up in the short hairdo revolution dominating the fall fashion season. I plan on rocking my confident, empowering and sassy short hairdo for the rest of the spring season along with my nude lipstick, blush-colored eye shadow and bold gel eyeliner.

I look forward to sharing my fashion adventures with the CollegeFashionista community and I hope we can continue to grows as Fashionistas/os together.