January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hey everyone, my name is Senni Bloom. I journeyed from my Northeastern home of Atlantic City, New Jersey to the sweet tea, southern culture of Nashville, Tennessee. I am currently a senior at Belmont University majoring in music business. I consider my style to be classic and simple, but I am never afraid to take risks. This outfit consisting of a light-weight blouse, distressed boyfriend jeans, and ankle strap heels represents my overall personal style. I am an ambitious, loving individual with a quirky personality. My eagerness for interpersonal relationships is motivated by my deep interest in the hearts of others. In short, I love people.

In a perfect world in the future, I would walk the line between the fashion industry and music industry. By combining these passions of mine, I am yearning for any industry experience. Growing up I could be found either singing Sheryl Crow at the top of my lungs or secretly reading my mother’s Vogue magazines. I have always been fascinated by the way fashion and music incorporate themselves with each other.

I am drawn to the fashion and music industries because they are both excellent forms of self-expression and more importantly, a form of art. Once I become interested in an artist’s new song, I don’t stop there. My interest expands to the entire culture of that artist. I dive into the world of their fashion, history, and story to fully grasp that conception of the artist rather just than the music.

My love for fashion grew once I landed my first job at a small women’s boutique back home called, Scout Clothing and Decor. At the age of 17, anything within the fashion industry seemed exciting. Steaming new inventory was the highlight of my day. However, my boss gave me greater responsibilities at a young age. Within the first year of working, I was able to attend the Coterie Trade Show in New York City to gain an experience of buying for upcoming seasons.

My passion for the industry blossomed exponentially as my employment at Scout continued. My interest began to go beyond clothes and extended to the customers. Helping women feel comfortable and beautiful became the beat of my drum, and my goal was always to have ladies leaving the store feeling confident and joyous from a shopping experience that I helped create.

Fashion aside I care most about you, my reader. I hope that my articles encourage you to stay bold with your fashion and spirit. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.