Hey y’all! I am a first-year student at the University of Texas at Austin studying international relations and global studies with a minor in business. As a middle child growing up in a military family, I would describe myself as a small-town girl with a love for adventure and the unknown. One day, I dream of having my own clothing line called “Clothes4Cause,” where donations are made to nonprofit organizations. CollegeFashionista has given me the opportunity to share my love for fashion with others driven by the same passion, creativity, and goal. Today and from here on out, I hope to share that goal with you—to interpret “fashion” by creating our own unique style.

If I had to describe my own sense of style in three words, I would say bold, classy, and chic. Ever since kindergarten, my mom told me that I would always wake up super early just to pick out my outfit for school that day. To me, clothing gave me a sense of individuality. I never liked blending into the crowd; I wanted to be different. Actually, I was already different to begin with. Growing up as a first-generation Asian American was like living in two worlds where sometimes what was considered to be or look “normal” didn’t quite fit. However, as I developed my own sense of style, my self confidence grew with it. I was no longer afraid to be who I was, as fashion was there to help me embrace it.

Fashion is like art. This form of expression has endless possibilities. It’s never ending, always changing, yet it seems to remain the same. Every person has a story, and sometimes the context can be read at a glance, only hoping to intrigue the reader and pull them closer. Here’s a peek into mine with what I call the “What do I wear in Texas winter?” look. Haha, just kidding. This outfit featured above was inspired by my trip to downtown Austin for brunch along with the dire want to conquer the challenge of wearing a very, very, very furry faux fur vest from Altar’d State.

To begin with, I started off with a black mid-length turtleneck to battle off the cold or 70-degree weather—although, it was more due to the saying of “when in doubt, wear black.” Although these dark shades complement each other, I always need a pop of color. This day in particular called for a soft velvet pink dress with similar shades in my necklace and carry-on purse. To top it all off, I decided to go with my thigh-high boots because if you’re going to go all in, you’ve got to give it all you got!

Overall, I feel like this look describes my style and the context of my story. Thank you for reading!