STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Gilliam

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hola babes, Sarah here! I am super excited to be starting this semester off on a very fashionable foot (as I sit here wearing an oversized sorority tank top and some Nike shorts), but as I was saying it’s going to be a super great semester for us all.

So starting out, y’all probably want to know the person behind the posts you are viewing, since you only see what I am writing and the pictures I take and not actually me. That being said, I would describe my personal style as classic but eccentric, with boho-alternative flair to it. To help y’all understand a bit more, my favorite stores are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (yes I know, the same company) but Anthropologie is a little more boho-classic, while Urban Outfitters has the alternative flair. I am not going to only be taking pictures of people who have similar style to me, so don’t run away yet if you are a Lilly Pulitzer lover (I like her too).

I am super pumped that denim mini skirts are back in style. That being said, I really am happy in general that the ’90s and early 2000s styles (some not all) are coming back around. Am I the only one who wears Tevas with a normal outfit? I am not an all “throw-back” gal; I like super trendy pieces as well like the striped swing dresses (I own one). I am also excited that brightly colored lipsticks are back( I love doing my makeup) AND that nail art is like, a thing now, because I always have polish on my fingers and toes!

Some random facts about me that I care about, but you might not, but will help you better understand me and my posts are as follows: I ramble (if you have not noticed) and I make a lot of jokes (mainly puns…just for fun). I am a very (emphasis on the very) quirky person, but I think that’s what makes me unique and have a different twist on style. I also really love cats and Waffle House ( not together, but if I could bring my cats to Waffle House I would), so I will probably make some references to both throughout this semester.

I hope y’all have a super RAD semester and enjoy reading my fellow Fashionistas’ posts!