STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Gargano

Hey there, I’m Sarah. This will be my first semester at Oberlin College & Conservatory (and my first semester as a Style Guru). I’m from New York City—rich with fashion. I feel almost like Carrie Bradshaw when I walk through the streets and people watch. I’m interested to see how different Ohio is in terms of fashion; although I will mainly be in the confines of my artsy college campus, so it may not be too different from wandering around neighborhoods like the West Village. I am getting especially excited to decorate my dorm room.

I always love Peter Pan collars, knee-high socks and oxfords. More recently, I’ve been into chokers, velvet and chunky shoes. I’ve been loving classic colors—like black, white and gray—and floral and striped patterns. I love hoop earrings and cartilage piercings (I don’t have one of my own but have a collection of fake ones). Fancier leather backpacks have been my favorite mode of carrying things—cute and practical!

I spend most of my fashion blogging time on Instagram. I’m also a singer/songwriter and spend lots of time jamming out and playing my music at open mics (if you want to check out my music you can go to I’m planning on majoring in psychology, gender studies, creative writing, or musical studies—all passions of mine. I also love journaling, baking, collaging and decorating.

I’m so excited to take part in CollegeFashionista and share the inspiring fashion I encounter on the beautiful Oberlin campus this semester.