STYLE GURU BIO: Sara Toromani

When it comes to styling yourself, there is no wrong or right, nor overdressed or underdressed. I believe that as long as you yourself feel pretty and comfortable in an outfit, then that is sufficient reason to wear it. You can totally break a color rule, not having to always match warm tones with each other, or wear what looks as normal. It is okay to wear something different to bring more authenticity into an outfit. What I have also learned is that, having more of something does not always mean it might be a better thing, but you might not be as minimalist as you should. There is nothing wrong to have a lot of something; however personally I like to have unique pieces that match my style but are also worthy and of good quality. That is a good advice to carry every day.

When I had to put an outfit together,  I automatically knew what I felt best in. The first thing popping in my head was my biker-style, black leather jacket. As fashion is always on the move, there is always a trending piece that we want to have so bad. It does not matter whether it is a wallet, bag, or shoes. If it is covered with cheetah print, it has to be mine. Well, sometimes it is not possible to have it when you want it, but eventually you will have it. I recently got a pair of Kenneth Cole cheetah booties, which totally change the game for my outfit. I have always liked pairing red with cheetah print, and so I went with a long, cozy turtleneck sweater in burgundy from Forever21. I also paired the outfit with some black, leather gloves from H&M, a hat from Steve Madden in color pink color, and a mini cross-body leather bag in a denim color. Lastly, I also wore my Hugo Boss sunglasses in grey color, to top off my look.

Wearing this kind of outfit makes me feel confident within myself, as I try to best match the street style look, while feeling weather-appropriate and comfortable at the same time. It makes me look chic, edgy, and fashion-forward. I like to style an outfit that I can wear anywhere and anytime, because it represents me and my preferences in specific details.