STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Neira

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha. I am a sophomore studying fashion merchandising and management at Philadelphia University. Since I was a little girl, fashion has been something I found so much interest in. I love surrounding myself in the world of fashion. This will be my fourth semester writing for CollegeFashionista! What an exciting honor to have. Other than fashion, I love beauty, writing, and photography.

I have always said this and I will continue to stand by it: I completely disagree with the idea that you need to subscribe to one certain type of style or follow fads and trends. I find that the best looks come together when they express the person wearing them. Style is anything you want it to be. If you like it, then wear it. Fashion has encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. Ultimately, fashion is an expression and should have no limits. I believe that you do not need to be loyal to one certain type of style either. In fact, I think the most interesting looks are ones that are ever changing. For example, my style ranges anywhere from classic to retro (and I would not want to have it any other way!)

For this particular look, I wore an oversized bleached, lace up flannel that I purchased from my school’s annual pop-up shop. It’s such a statement piece to have in your wardrobe, and I can not get enough of it. I paired it with some distressed jeans with tights underneath, and my latest obsession, velvet booties!

Thanks for reading, I hope you loved my look as much as I did. Make sure to follow me on social media to keep up with my latest posts!