A good first impression means everything to me so, before I embark on this internship with CollegeFashionista I would like to introduce you to myself and my style. I’m a senior at Carleton University, which is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa is my hometown and Canada’s national capital. I study English and the humanities. Most of my time during the school year is spent reading, writing or studying. If I’m not doing one of those three things I can regularly be found spending time with my sorority sisters or working on campus.

I got involved with fashion before I started writing professionally and now I look forward to combining my two passions. Several years ago, I volunteered with a nonprofit organization called TREnDS (Teens Reacting Effectively and Discovering Style), which gave me a chance to help young women embrace their own personal styles, colors and fashion personalities. Through TREnDS I also learned a lot about myself and my style preferences: for instance, I lean towards classic and sophisticated pieces. My main goal when I’m shopping is to find clothes I can wear to work and to my sorority’s Sunday business chapter meetings.

However, that does not mean that I avoid eclectic or unique pieces. I definitely embrace clothing that’s a little bit different. Lace details on shirts, velvet blazers, scarves—I love it all and somehow I always manage to make them work with my outfits. I shop at thrift shops and at the mall; I care more about how I feel in my clothes than the label on them. I love pieces that can be used in more than one scenario. If I buy a fandom-related shirt to celebrate my geekiness, I will likely just throw a brightly colored blazer over top, pull on some dress pants and then head to the office.

I am excited to explore my university and its style culture; please join me on this journey into the fashionable jungle that is Carleton’s campus.