Here's How to Dress from NYC to Barcelona to China

No matter where we are in the world, one thing we all have in common is that we aren’t ready for summer to end. As we indulge into our last month of summer, this thought is always on our mind. I have been spending my three months traveling and consuming all of the cultures and experiences everywhere I go. From the United States to Europe to Asia, I’ve found myself diverging all kinds of cultures in my outfits. This look especially can be pulled off in any country that I need to check off. Keep reading to see how I put together a taste of each continent in this look!

One of my favorite styles by far this summer are wrap dresses. The asymmetrical lining is so flattering on the legs and the best part is that they’re always customizable in size since you tie it yourself! The front V-cut is also customizable with the adjustable straps! You can either wear it with a strapless bra for a cleaner cut look or rock it the way I did. I put on a simple white lace bralette, which to me, is much more comfortable in the summertime.

The color of this dress that I was able to find reminds me so much of summer! It could be worn strolling in Barcelona all while the print embodies an Asian floral pattern. I have been throwing on this dress all summer long, whether it’s a casual or more dressed up event, pairing it with different shoes.

This time around, I chose to pair it with these suede heeled sandals to dress it up. I love pairing this dress with a range of light and dark, nude colored sandals to find a balance between the light colored dress and my dark summer tan.

To finish the look off, I completed it with my current favorite sunglasses from Melt. Again, sticking to the neutral, warm tone.

Pair this outfit with a simple Y-shaped necklace and voila, the look is fit for a hot summer day in New York. If you’re in Barcelona, I’d throw on some flat sandals and curl the hair a bit to match the beautiful Spanish/European culture. As I find my way to Asia soon, I’ll be sure to bring this dress along and show off the print!

Finding such a versatile article of clothing is the best feeling for a Fashionista. What is your go-to outfit this summer that you would bring all around the world? I’d love to see what you guys have so don’t forget to tag @CFashionista on Instagram to share some looks! I’m looking forward to your outfits!