STYLE GURU BIO: Sabrina Sciortino

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina Sciortino. I am 18 years old and I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and I absolutely love it. I have been dreaming of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology since I was in the sixth grade. I’m in the Fashion Merchandising Management major. Now that my dream finally came true I am pushing myself to work harder both as a student and a learner. Being in Manhattan is another dream come true. I enjoy being surrounded by the rush of people, the twinkling lights, and of course all the clothing stores near my area. In talking about clothing stores, I work at the Gap on avenue of the America’s and 48th. I work mostly in the kids department however, if I am needed somewhere else then I am obligated to complete my duties.

Aside from working at the GAP, I am now a writer for CollegeFashionista. When I applied I didn’t think I was going to get the opportunity because I felt that so many others wanted this position. Luckily enough, I did get the position and couldn’t be happier. At a young age, I was informed about CollegeFashionista and started to read posts that were posted. Each week I would be constantly reminded of the different styles that were out there and I was always amazed with the creativity others had with fashion. This inspired me to be my own Fashionista, and I told myself one day I am going to write for this publication. Fast forward to a few years later and now I’m an intern!

Although I don’t have much experience with fashion, I have been surrounded by fashion for sometime now. I took a passion for fashion styling class at FIT in the sixth grade. Then, I went to China on a scholarship program and saw various fashion trends there; especially what trendsetters wore on the streets. Prior to working at the GAP, I worked at a tailoring shop in Manhattan as well. The tailoring shop was called Mid-City tailoring and Denim Surgeon. Lastly, I also worked at Justice Just for Girls in Staten Island. Although all the styles of each job was different, I realized that fashion is everywhere and that I want to be immersed in fashion no matter where I end up. Furthermore, I have been writing about fashion since I was in high school. At my high school, the College of Staten Island for International Studies, I wrote for my school newspaper. I was in charge of the fashion column and each issue that was published I had to write about something that was trending for each publication. I enjoyed this very much because others actually enjoyed my work and I was so proud of myself for writing amazing pieces that dealt with fashion. Now, CollegeFashionista gives me that opportunity to continue my journey as a fashion writer and I couldn’t be more excited!