STYLE GURU BIO: Rosemarie Forgione

As a returning Style Guru, I am eager to welcome you all to my page for frequent updates on the best trends, beauty tips and styling options from yours truly via Long Island University Post campus.

When thinking of a way to describe my look and style only one word comes to mind, indecisive. I do not have one look that I constantly stick with. Some days I will look extremely well put together and girly and the next I will have a very grungy look going on. It changes day by day, which is great because I am always keeping things interesting, but unlucky in the sense that my wallet hurts twice as much.

A look I am utterly obsessed with is plaid. This plaid vest practically screamed my name when I saw it in the store. I chose to base my entire outfit around this single garment. I wore a plain white tank top underneath it, half because it was too hot to wear anything else and half because I didn’t want to take away from the outfit by wearing a graphic T-shirt. On the bottom, I wore simple black skinny jeans, which I cuffed in order to show my ankles and bring more emphasis towards my pointed leather shoes. I accessorized my fall look with a chunky, gold statement piece and my black Tory Burch tote bag.

This past summer, instead of just working like a dog or lounging out on the beach like I have past summers, I took on three internships, one of which took place in the big apple. This particular internship placed me right in the center of the Garment District. I got to learn the in’s and out’s of a company and what goes into really making a successful fashion business. While working in the city I was able to absorb a lot from the vibrant and indescribable people that I met there. Their fashion choices, their confidence and their enthusiasm all inspired me to become a more construct and true version of myself.

With that being said, I am extremely enthusiastic to begin this fall semester and to document all of the fabulous and one of a kind fashion senses I see around campus.