STYLE GURU BIO: Robert Storms

The air is crisp, the pants are being busted out and the new students are swarming. Yes, you guessed it, fall semester is here and in full force. Over the summer, I modeled for a friend of mine/current Style Guru for College Fashionista. I have always wanted to be involved with some sort of fashion outlet while in college to connect with others that share the same vision. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get involved and let what comes natural be shared with the world!

A little about myself: I spent most of my youth in Florida, then moved to Chicago where I was engulfed in urban street attire. I feel as if the world would be a better place if every girl could/would just wear Brandy Melville and American Apparel; that’s where my head is for girl’s aesthetic (sorry, not sorry)! For myself, I am a full blown Topman addict for outfit foundations. When it comes to accessories, I’ll shop around Chicago boutiques like Saint Alfred or RSVP Gallery to put that cherry on top of the perfect outfit.

I have always worked retail, so I am very passionate about styling people to their best fit. Currently, I’m studying Interpersonal Communications at Illinois State University. Thankfully, my major is such a broad field that I can continue to be in the fashion industry in some form or another after I graduate. Minimal matching, details and balance is what I follow in my everyday image. I am practically a chameleon when it comes to looks; I can pull off so many different styles and somehow make them thrive!

For this article, I am wearing a very easygoing, college savvy outfit while staying comfortable and swift. It is always a must, especially on the first day of school, to wear something nice, but to never go over the top and seem like you actually tried. The core of the outfit is very low-key, but still strong due to the minuscule details. The calm blue Bullhead jogger pants gave me a fierce drive with their slimness, blending perfectly with the longer length Topman black T-shirt. I was strapped with some Nike 4.0 sneakers in black and made it all come together with a white American Apparel hoodie.