STYLE GURU BIO: Richelle Henry

September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

I can admit I used to overdo it in the color accessories department. The rule that says, take off one accessory before leaving your house, didn’t apply to me. I love color blocking, mixing patterns and adding unique pieces of jewelry, but somehow this summer morphed me into a minimalist. I started trading my bright orange for different shades of nude and white. I have my Fashionista friend to thank for that and I’m not complaining. I discovered that finding my true style makes my wardrobe so much more sensible. I’m not saying I’m giving up on my two-piece sets, I’m just saying I’ll save those for the days I’m feeling more eclectic.

I am totally taking junior year by storm. I have many roles on campus, the most important being Co-Founder of a magazine my friend and I will be launching this fall called Distressed Magazine. Organizing that and planning events for the Black Business Student Association will keep me busy for sure, but never too busy to satisfy the urge to lighten my wallet. Finding great places to shop on a budget is nothing less than an adventure and getting to see what new areas have to offer is fulfilling. While I’m searching for new subjects, cool locations for photo shoots, I’ve run into some pretty cool spaces and hopefully I’ll get to capture them all, just for you.

I’m on the verge of lift off and so is UNCG. You can look forward to seeing new subjects, different locations and more RAD styles I’ve picked up along the way.