Hi lovelies! It’s me Ria, back for another amazing semester with CollegeFashionista! I can’t believe I’m already enduring my third year at California State University, Fullerton. Time goes by fast when you’re having fun (and stressing hard).

These past few months, I have made it a goal to cultivate my own confidence by expressing myself through fashion and blogging. It can sometimes be a struggle feeling comfortable in your own self-worth when you have so many people around you bringing you down. What I’ve learnt and loved about my short time here at CollegeFashionista is that fashion is about what makes you, you. Yes, there are always trends that come and go, but at the end of the day it will always be about how you translate it to express yourself. Break out of your shell, put yourself out there and don’t be afraid. Something I always tell myself to do is never compromise who you are just to please someone else. My sense of style in the past had always been dependent on what others thought of me. Simply said, I never took the style choices that were honest to me. As my love for fashion continues to grow, I’ve learnt that you never should apologize for making style choices that are true to who you are.

My style is ever-changing: sometimes I’m wearing all black, and the next day I just might be wearing a bright floral dress. I don’t see the point into being limited into one specific style when your fashion choices are extremely immense. Two trends I’ve been obsessed with lately are off-the-shoulder tops paired with chokers. I think they go extremely well and convey an effortless look. And, if you know me well enough, statement sunnies are kind of (obnoxiously) my thing. Because I always find a way to break them by sitting on them, I always opt for cheap cute ones!

Looking forward to another RAD semester with you; here’s to tackling the semester with confidence… and style, of course!