As some of you may know, my wardrobe is predominantly composed of neutral and subdued colors. Luckily for me, muted warm and cool tones such as these are predicted to be trending in the spring/summer 2017 season. As winter comes to an end and spring approaches, it’s time to make some clothing swaps in our closets. Leaving down coats and snow boots behind, we are now able to slowly re-introduce lightweight jackets and fashionable footwear into our daily attire.

As a college student, it is important for me to remain comfortable, fashionable, mobile, and sensible throughout the day. With that being said, there are several essentials that I incorporate into my outfits regularly to add an extra touch of style to my outfits that will allow me to move from class to class with ease and confidence.

The first necessity for any outfit is a cute pair of shoes. Unfortunately, we are still in a transition from winter to spring and it is not yet time to break out open toe shoes. Thus, for this outfit, I opted for a pair of brown thigh high boots. Having a more dramatic pair of boots, such as these, can really make or break an outfit so be mindful when picking out the other items in your outfit to ensure that nothing clashes. In this case, I chose to pair my suede boots with a lighter beige trench coat. Although the shades are different, the cool tones in each piece allow the different shades to be paired.

Next, my go-to accessory is always a choker, especially in the case of lower necklines. With lower necklines, try experimenting with different neck accessories to prevent the neck from looking too elongated. By including a choker, the outfit is more cohesive from top to bottom. Another important accessory that I always have with me while going to class is my black bag. Carrying backpacks can sometimes be too bulky and can wrinkle or ruin clothing. Alternatively, I carry a purse with me to class and, if necessary, I will carry a book or two in my arms to prevent the straps from breaking. A simple black purse, such as the one I have included in this outfit, will pair well with any ensemble.

Lastly, for hair and makeup I like to keep my look natural. Heavy makeup can sometimes be distracting and is not good to keep on your face throughout a long day of classes. Thus, I usually stick with a lightly contoured face, minimal eyeshadow, and winged eyeliner. In regards to hair, I like to keep my hair up and out of my face to avoid the temptation of playing with it during class or the annoyance of it falling in my eyes.

Fashion and function can always be paired together, but it is up to you to find the balance that is best for you and your personal style!