STYLE GURU BIO: Raven Macaraeg

STYLE GURU BIO: Raven Macaraeg

Hi my little fashion love bugs. I’d like to start off by stating a few facts about myself.

My name is Raven Macaraeg and I am studying at Azusa Pacific University as a communications major with an emphasis in media and double minor of leadership and journalism. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where I first found my love and passion for the fashion industry and the power behind the clothing you wear. I am the eldest of three and have always considered myself to be extremely independent and confident. I believe it is important to love others, but more importantly, yourself.

Having good style takes more than the actual fabric you wear, but it requires you to love yourself without anything on. I believe that anyone can wear anything they want as long as they feel good about themselves in it. Confidence, but not cockiness is important for good character. With the right attitude in yourself, your friends and your everyday life, you are about to be the most stylish person in the world.

Creating a new outfit is a time for you to express who you are and to learn to never judge a book by its cover. Everyone has a unique life story and fashion is just one expression of it. From wearing the trendiest sunglasses to a thrifted scarf, everything has the power to represent something. It is up to you.

Love who you are, love what you do and love what you wear because you are perfect the way you are.