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September 4th, 2015 at 2:05am

Hurrah for the start of another fabulous semester here on CollegeFashionista! I am honored to intern once again as a Style Guru representing the University of California, San Diego. The amount of Style Gurus on our campus has grown tremendously and I am excited to meet up with these wonderful gals to chat more about the upcoming school year. Of course, this will all happen after I arrive back in sunny California from my semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy. That’s right—I will be spending the rest of this year roaming around the streets of Europe and trying not to go overboard on the amount of gelato I’ll consume.

Being a member of a community like CollegeFashionista has opened so many doors of opportunity especially this past year. I’ve had the privilege of participating in collaborations with companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and The Container Store that has allowed me to appreciate how good connections and creativity can bring positive outcomes to both parties plus the audience. Seeing new articles from universities all over the nation has inspired me to not only dress my best everyday, but also to keep my eyes open for those students who make an effort to express their personality and tastes through their clothing. I’m sure the people in Italy will have no problem wearing the most coordinated outfits as the country does host one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. That’s why I’ve made sure to pack only my most fashionable items such as this hat along with the button-up skirt I am wearing.

I am ready to challenge myself this semester with better quality content on my profile and stepping even further out of my comfort zone to approach students of great style. Do check out my blog, The Rachel Story, and my YouTube channel to see personal updates of my Italian adventures. I will see you all in my next post! Ciao!