STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Obire

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Obire

Being a freshman at DePaul University in Chicago comes with the expectation of good taste. One thing that always keeps me going is the thought of recreating thrifted items to replicate the more current fashion trends that encompass my everyday surroundings. As a young girl, I was taught the gift of sewing. The art of it all expanded my horizons, leading me into the vast world of arts and crafts. Glue, scissors, a needle and thread all became my best friends. Throughout the years, I would always analyze my out-of-fashion clothing to see how I could update it, knowing it was functional. Today, I’m always on the lookout at thrift stores, secondhand shops and even garage sales to find items that best suit my creative side.

Fashion has always been my go-to from the beginning. No matter how heinous my outfits might have looked then, in the moment, I was always one to pull a look out from every corner of my closet. Despite being runner up in best dressed during my senior year of high school, here I am, a Fashionista on paper and in heart!

I absolutely adore my mom jeans. During my sophomore year of high school, I was eager to get my hands on a pair of high-waisted blue jeans, but who had $50 plus dollars to spend on brand name jeans? I remember walking into my local Goodwill and sifting through the rack of jeans. Lo and behold was a pair of jeans that were soon to become ones that I swore by. I took them home and started the process of distressing my first pair of jeans, and it took me a week to perfect them to my liking. For a first timer (with many previous failed attempts), I executed the look I had envisioned for so long, perfectly.

Even though it may be a bit too warm to wear boots during the summer, who can stop the growing trend of heeled booties? Getting my hands on these shoes was pure luck. Every pair I had stumbled upon in the past were completely out of my price range, but Target (Targét for those who like to be bougie like me) answered my prayers, and I came out a new woman in these shoes.

I’m so glad to be a part of the wonderful team of Fashionistas here at CollegeFashionista. My goals and lifelong ambition to be a part of something in the fashion world has finally come true, and I am beyond excited to be sharing it with you.

#RAD to a great school year!