STYLE GURU BIO: Paige Graham

CollegeFashionista can’t get rid of me too easily. Here I am back for round three, hoping to give my two cents about fashion as well as showcasing some looks that catch my eye on a weekly basis.

I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in public relations. I am a member of the women’s Division I lacrosse team at Tech, and Dunkin’ Donuts number one customer (thank you Tech and meal plan). I’ve loved fashion since What Not To Wear and Project Runway hit it big and would often dream about giving my middle school teachers make-overs-but I mean, who didn’t?

If you know me, you probably know that I love the beach, and hate the cold. The tanless, frostbitten winters that Blacksburg, Virginia bring always have me dreaming of summer days, but I love being a Hokie anyways. My sense of style is somewhat like my taste in music-a mix of everything. When I’m not wearing my outfit of choice-sweatpants; I can probably found in something somewhat preppy and/or bohemian looking with a ton of different jewelry added on.

I am all about people-watching and absolutely love pulling fashion inspiration from different looks that I see on the street. The fun thing about fashion is that no two people have the exact same style which allows you to get creative and put together outfits that no one else has worn.

My favorite color is white, and I really don’t follow any rules on when I can and cannot wear it (sorry winter). In the pictures I am wearing my white ripped jeans, with my favorite beige turtleneck. My grandmother tells me I have too many pairs of “ripped trousers,” and she’s probably right, but I love them anyways. I decided to pair it with brown accessories such as the hat, the wooden bangle, and my favorite brown booties. I threw in the plaid scarf for a little bit of color, and because I just love plaid.

Again, I’m so excited to be back for another semester with College Fashionista, and I hope you enjoy reading!